Refurbishment of a CERMEX case packer

Mipco was asked by a great firm from the pharmaceutical industry to refurbish a used case packer.

They chose a Cermex SB2740 (year 2002).

The machine had to be able to run with two new formats (two different cartons and two different cases).

The job on this used case packer mobilized two MIPCO’s technicians.

Details of the operation:

  • Study and drawings of the pieces.
  • Modification of all the pieces used for the stacking of the cartons (elevator, pusher …).
  • Modification of the case-folding system (in particular the suction devices used for the pre-forming of the cases).
  • Modification of three conveying belts, in order to fit the available space in the room.

Follow-up visits have been organized in our workshop in order for our customer to check the progress and bring comments and precisions.

The used case packer is going to be re-installed by our team on their production site.
You will find here videos of our interventions, and also our catalogue of machines.