Upgrade a used case packer model CAM SMP

One of our major customers of the pharmaceutical industry called us to upgrade a used case packer (model CAM SMP, year 2003).

It had to, after our work, be able to pass two new formats, one of them being out of the specifications of the machine (exceeding nearly 25 mm).

Besides, the speed of this used case packer had to be optimized, from 15 cartons/minutes to 60 cartons/minute.

The operation mobilized one of our specialized technicians during two months, and required a complete mechanical study.

This used case packer was already in a very good shape. We first performed a mechanical feasibility study. Then the parts were redrawn, in particular all the cartons’ positioning system (push guides, carton opening guides, elevator …) for the adaptation to format.

Concerning the speed increase, the existing motor had all the prerequisites to reach the requested speed, but pieces had to be created and added (following the mechanical study) to achieve the objective.

This used case packer will be in a few days shipped and reinstalled by us (including adjustment of upstream and downstream conveyors) in our customer’s factory.

Below the video of the machine after our mission.