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Ingenneo, trading equipment for the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry.

Our added value

To offer our engineering services on this second-hand equipment, via our specialized company Ingecentre: PID, implementation, qualification...

To offer the maintenance and refurbishment of this equipment, via our subsidiary Mipco. Our machines are either sold "as is", or refurbished by our technicians.

On request, we can pack, load, transport and reinstall your equipment.

Our teams can also handle industrial transfers.

Ingenneo is expanding its business by offering new equipment.  We are exclusive distributor of the Italian brand DMC on the French market. DMC is specialized in cosmetic and pharmaceutical equipment: mixers, homogenizers, tanks, filling line, labelers… Installation and after-sales service are provided by Mipco, our maintenance department (Contact: D. Machacaz 02 38 81 37 65). You will find all their machines here. You can also download their catalogue.


Why choosing used equipment?


It’s a matter of efficiency: in terms of production, second-hand is quite at the level of new, but at a more reasonable cost.

  • Environmental efficiency, with a reduced carbon print
  • Financial efficiency, with reduced costs of investment
  • Operational efficiency, with reduced delays


By the way, the second-hand market is very lively, and your solution exists, whatever your project is.

By requesting the services of the leading company on the market of second-hand equipment for the pharmaceutical industry in France, you trust our technical knowledge and our experience on the machines.

Our process: understanding, identification, proposal

  • We understand your need
  • We identify the most accurate machine
  • We make a proposal in accordance with your production imperatives


Then, inspect the machine! Two ways are possible:

  • You come by our premises, where you will see the machine working « live »
  • We send you a video of the machine running with your formats of products


Finally, we manage ourselves the logistics and installation in your factory, so that you’re assured of the condition of the equipment delivered.

You are looking for a used equipment? Do not hesitate:

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Our other activities

Ingenneo has two sister companies, with which it works in sinergy:


Ingecentre is specialized in project management. We support you throughout your operations, in compliance with regulatory requirements, for the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and cosmetics industries.


Mipco is specialized in the maintenance and refurbishment of industrial pharmaceutical and cosmetic equipment.

They have placed their trust in us

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