Refurbishment of two used industrial tanks

Mipco was called by a renown company of the pharmaceutical industry to refurbish two used industrial tanks, in order that they can be used in the production of vaccines.

These are two Pierre Guérin 900 liters tanks with magnetic agitation.

This operation, meant to last three weeks, required the intervention of:
– one Mipco technician
– one boilermaker
– one company approved by Veritas

The following tasks were performed on each tank:
– Complete passivation (internal surface treatment), to adapt these used industrial tanks to the preparation of injectables. This was realized by a company approved by Veritas.
– Creation of an electrical cabinet: adjustment of the agitation speed with display.
– Adding of a Gallet sight glass with light.
– Installation of four wheels, requiring the intervention of a boilermaker (customer constraint: height max 2 m)

The installation of these two used industrial tanks at our customer’s will be performed within a few weeks, meeting the deadline.