Our Italian partner DMC studies and builds automatic machines for cosmetic, pharmaceutical and food sectors.  

We are their exclusive distributor on the French market. 

They manufacture, among others: reverse osmosis factories, homogenizers, mixers, storage devices, filling line, and turnkey factories … any material for the pharmaceutical industry.  

You will find all their equipments on the special page:  https://ingecentre.fr/materiel-neuf/dmc/ 

Below a few examples of their machines:  


Volume : 200 liters / 300 liters 
Agitation: with scraper or propellerhead, speed control 
Heating by electrical resistors (with pt 100 sensor) 

Automatic filling line

Filling volumecustomisable, from 10 to 1000 ml 
Number of filling headsfrom to 8 
Max speed: 800/hour 

Tube filler

Filling accuracy: +/- 1 % 
Tube’s diameter: 10 to 60 mm 
Speed: 50 to 70/minute