Inkjet marking system

Inkjet marking system

Equipment number : 4095

Inkjet marking system


Manufacturer: Linx

Model: 7300

Serial number: FM739

Year: 2012

Printhead: ULTIMA 3103 C

Number of line: minimum 2

Height of Characters: 1.8 to 7.8mm

Printing speed: 6.25m/s

Range of links: MEK Linx base

With motorized belt conveyor

Width x Length of belt: 100x1200mm

Dimensions of LINX module (LxWxH): 600x450x200mm

Dimensions of the stainless steel rack on wheels (LxWxH): 700x500x500mm

Printhead cable length about 2m

Printhead positioned on an adjustable stand in height and depth

Power: 230V, 50Hz, 200W

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